We pay you 10% of the price for placing your graphic works on GFX-Market!

Special offers for the authors of the site GFX-Market!

Special offers for the authors of the site GFX-Market!

Only until november 31, 2017. Hurry to post your schedule!

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Kind time of the day dear author and users of the site GFX-Market. The work of the designer is very difficult and takes a lot of time and effort to get the desired result. We know this very well. Therefore, our team decided to make a pleasant surprise for authors who want to post or already place their graphic works on our website. We will pay 10% of the price for placing your graphics on our trading platform GFX-Market!

To whom and for what we pay 10%?

After the approval and placement of the goods on the site, your graphic work is put up for sale on the GFX-Market website, and you in turn receive 10% of the price of the goods directly to your account in GFX-Market. For example: if you downloaded a product worth $ 12, then you automatically get to your account 1.2 $, if you downloaded 10 products at the cost of each product $ 12, then the total cost of the added goods will be $ 120, and you will get to your account $ 12.

Payment of funds that you were accrued for the addition of graphic goods you can order not earlier than 1 month after the approval and placement of your product on the site. The minimum payment which you can order all the same is $ 10.

You can not delete a graphic product after it is approved and posted on the site.

What graphic works do we pay 10% for?

We pay 10% for all graphic works that apply to all categories of our site. An exception is only a category with photos.

If you have a graphic work that does not belong to any of the categories offered on the site, you can write a letter in support of, or leave a corresponding proposal for adding a category to our forum.

The maximum price of the goods

The maximum price of graphic goods for which we pay 10% for placing on the GFX-Market site can not exceed $ 10.

The number of products that you can download to the site is unlimited.

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